Antique Flue Cover with Curved Glass Dome

  • $64.00

       From the late 1800's to early 1900's is this excellent glass dome flue cover in remarkable condition. While flue covers are fairly plentiful, these round dome glass examples are quite hard to find.  We cannot find the company or exact possible dates of manufacturing, but we do find a rare few examples of this as late as 1928 and as early as 1880.  Curved glass is a time consuming and tedious process even today and much more so for the early manufacturers. Glass companies of that era found there was not enough demand except for the fairly well to do who could afford them.  This explains why they were not massively manufactured like the flat flue covers were.    

   This one does not have the preformed metal frame and chain that actually hung it over the flue. There is no water damage or other flaws to the lithograph inside and the glass is in wonderful condition.  

   The glass rises 1½ inches above the print and is 10 inches in diameter.  A very, very nice specimen in remarkable condition for it's age.   

Note:  This piece will be very, very carefully padded, packed, double boxed to ensure a safe delivery to your door......and Shipping is FREE!!

   The round curved dome glass and it's age will make this a centerpiece of attention for your home or office decor!

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