Did You Know? History of the Wedding Bowl

   Wedding Bowls began their tradition over 200 years ago with origins believed to be Ireland.  When couples would marry, each guest was given a stone to hold during the ceremony. As soon as the bride and groom became husband and wife, each guest was to offer a wish or prayer for the newlyweds into the stone.  They then placed the stone into a specially created bowl made with actual coins embedded within the glass or pottery clay to symbolize good fortune for it's owners. The couple then had a gift from everyone at the wedding with fortune, wishes, and prayers contained within.   The couple by way of tradition then handed down the bowls in the family line as heirloom pieces as their children married for good wishes and fortune. 

The vintage wedding bowls of more modern times, such as the coin pattern of the Fostoria Glass Company were made with embossings or patterns of coins rather than actual currency.   Now you Know!